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Copper Conducting materia

Conducting Materials and Their Applications:

Conducting Materials: Materials used for conducting electricity are known as Conducting materials. These materials play a vital role in Electrical Engineering. It is interesting to know the applications of these… Read more »

Power Angle Characteristic Curve of Synchronous Machine

Torque Angle versus Load or Power Angle:

These three terms Torque angle, Power angle and Load angle are associated with Synchronous machines that are synchronous generator and synchronous motor. They named as Synchronous machines as they revolve… Read more »

Vector Groups of Transformer

Vector Groups of Transformer:

PHASOR/VECTOR GROUPS: Phasor or Vector groups are used to denote different connection methods for poly phase transformers. This knowledge is required for connecting the poly phase transformers in parallel. To… Read more »

Class-F Insulation for Induction motor

Classes of Insulating Materials

Insulating materials divided into several classes based on the temperature withstanding limits. Insulating materials used in machines like Transformers, Generators and Motors based on their thermal heat withstanding capacity. As… Read more »

Static Excitation System of Alternator

Static Excitation of an Alternator

Function of Excitation System: Static Excitation of an Alternator is one of the Excitation method.The basic function of any excitation system is to provide DC power to a field winding…. Read more »

Brushless Excitation System of Alternator

Brushless Excitation of an Alternator

Excitation systems have a powerful impact on generator dynamic performance and availability, it ensures quality of generator voltage and reactive power, i.e. quality of delivered energy to consumers. Brushless excitation… Read more »