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Knee Point Voltage Curve of Current Transformer

Knee Point Voltage-Importance:

Knee Point Voltage of Current Transformers: Knee point voltage parameter is very important for Protection current transformers especially for Class-PS that is Special purpose current transformers. First of all, we… Read more »

Core Balance Current Transformer with Three Core Cable

Core-Balance Current Transformer [CBCT]:

Core Balance Current Transformer-CBCT: Core-Balance Current Transformer CBCT also called as Zero Sequence CT. In this type of CT a single ring or rectangular shaped core of magnetic material, encircles… Read more »

Mounting of Potential Transformer in Circuit

Potential Transformer [PT]:

Potential or Voltage Transformer: The purpose of the Potential Transformer is to provide an isolated secondary voltage that is in-phase and exact proportionate representation of primary voltage. Potential Transformers are… Read more »

Block Diagram of Trivector Meter

Working of Trivector Meter:

Trivector Meter: Trivector meter is an energy meter which accurately measures all the parameters of supply such as voltage, current, power factor, active load, reactive load, apparent load etc., now… Read more »

Metering Current Transformer Details

Difference between metering and protection current transformers (CTs):

Metering and Protection Current Transformers: Metering and Protection Current transformers are different types of current transformers with varying properties. Current transformers are used for both metering and protection purposes. By… Read more »