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Electrical Panel with Protections

Ground Fault Protection-Restricted versus Unrestricted Methods

Ground fault protection for a power system network provides in two ways. They are Restricted Ground fault and Unrestricted Ground Fault Protection methods. Let’s see briefly what Ground fault protection… Read more »

Stator Earth Fault Protection

Stator Earth Fault Protection-Generator:

Why Stator Earth Fault Protection is required for a Generator? Nowadays, the capacity of generators increases by more than 500 MW. The protection of the generator is crucial to reduce… Read more »

High Impedance REF scheme wiring

High Impedance Restricted Earth Fault Protection: [64H]

In this post we are going to see, how the High Impedance Restricted Earth fault protection scheme works by using Metrosil and Stabilizing Resistors. Why REF protection is required while… Read more »

DC Earth fault indication on FCBC charger

How to Trace out DC Earth Fault Using Multimeter?

DC Earth fault need to identify and remove as early as possible to avoid tripping of protection circuits. DC Earth faults are frequently occurring on FCBC Charger, they should be… Read more »

Oil Surge Relay Mounting

Oil Surge Relay [OSR] of Transformer:

Oil Surge Relay-OSR is one of the auxiliary equipment of oil immersed type transformer. It is mainly used to limit the damage to the on load tap changer in case… Read more »

Single-Phasing of Three Phase Induction Motor

Single Phasing of Three Phase Induction Motor

Electrical Motor is an important component of an industry. Squirrel cage induction motor is most widely used in power stations and industries. To protect the motor from different faults conditions… Read more »