Electrical Short Circuit Preventive Measures:

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After a long time if it is needed to restart any Industries, Large Commercial buildings which involve heavy electrical loads, in their substations the following short circuit preventive measures need to take to avoid any electrical short circuits.

If we don’t use any equipment for long periods of time, it should not restart immediately without following certain standard guidelines which are given below. By following the below procedure, we can avoid any fire accidents due to short circuits in electrical equipment.

Electrical Short circuit measures
Electrical Safety Measures
  1. In Substations, the dust and moisture present on the HT insulators and bushes should clean with Silicon grease.
  2. SB Switch, Isolators and HT Resistors should apply Petroleum jelly and check their performance.
  3. All Surge arrestors in HT and LT lines should be checked for any breakages and verify their Earth connection is proper or not.
  4. All the Transformer breakers should attach with Earth and check the transformer oil level and Silica gel condition.
  5. In industries all the Earth electrodes resistance should be measured using Megger and action should be taken to maintain the standard values.
  6. HT panel and all of its sub panels, HT breakers should clean with vacuum cleaners. Cable terminal connections should tighten.
  7. Check the performance of HT and LT breakers by tripping.
  8. The terminal connections at motor terminals should be checked and HT motors Insulation resistance is verified with the help of Megger.
  9. Electric supply starting point to ending equipment must be tested with Injection Kit (Primary and Secondary Injection tests whatever is necessary).
  10. No liquids, chemicals and gas tanks which are not in use for longer times should present under the Electrical Lines.
  11. All electrical lighting circuits should have 30mA, 100mA Residual Current Circuit Breakers to avoid short circuits.
  12. No loose connections at cable joints and avoid any temporary connections.
  13. Before using any electrical equipment the presence of experienced Engineers and Safety officers is mandatory.

For safe operation of Electrical equipment all the above said methods need to follow without skipping. Hope this post will help you to keep safe working and any other valid points please mention in comment box.

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