HT Cable Construction Coding

H.T and L.T Cables Construction Coding:

H.T and L.T Cables Construction Coding: H.T and L.T cables are underground cables used for transmission of power from transformers to distribution Switchgear. We already know that these cables are… Read more »

Metering Current Transformer Details

Difference between metering and protection current transformers (CTs):

Metering and Protection Current Transformers: Metering and Protection Current transformers are different types of current transformers with varying properties. Current transformers are used for both metering and protection purposes. By… Read more »

Oil Surge Relay Mounting

Oil Surge Relay [OSR] of Transformer:

Oil Surge Relay-OSR is one of the auxiliary equipment of oil immersed type transformer. It is mainly used to limit the damage to the on load tap changer in case… Read more »

Single-Phasing of Three Phase Induction Motor

Single Phasing of Three Phase Induction Motor

Electrical Motor is an important component of an industry. Squirrel cage induction motor is most widely used in power stations and industries. To protect the motor from different faults conditions… Read more »