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Differential Protection Relay-87

Differential Protection Relay [87]:

Differential Protective Relay is a protective relay that functions on a percentage or phase angle or other quantitative difference of two currents. Differential relaying provides selectivity by providing a zone… Read more »

High Impedance REF scheme wiring

High Impedance Restricted Earth Fault Protection: [64H]

In this post we are going to see, how the High Impedance Restricted Earth fault protection scheme works by using Metrosil and Stabilizing Resistors. Why REF protection is required while… Read more »

Metering Current Transformer Details

Difference between metering and protection current transformers (CTs):

Metering and Protection Current Transformers: Metering and Protection Current transformers are different types of current transformers with varying properties. Current transformers are used for both metering and protection purposes. By… Read more »